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Welcome to MCHM Production's official website! We're glad you joined us! MCHM is a collaboration between two life long friends who have come together and formed a creative writing team responsible for "Ripper The Musical."


We currently have our sights set on having our first show (MCHM's Ripper The Musical) produced on Broadway. So if all the planets align, and we get lucky, that just might happen sooner than later!


We hope you find the site not only useful but interesting as well. We will share the creative process with you as new works emerge.


News Update:

The MCHM Musical "Ripper" had its first reading in 2004 at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida.



MCHM is currently evaluating several opportunities to workshop

"MCHM's Ripper The Musical." If you are interested in more information, or how you might be become involved, please contact us!


Audio Demo Now Available:

Go to www.RipperMusical.com to hear audio samples of the show!




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