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Mark Hagan (HM)

(Composer / Lyricist / Playwright)


Mark Hagan is a composer, lyricist, playwright, and record producer. Born in 1969, Mark graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture with a Minor in Theatre Arts in 1992. Mark was a member of “The Dramatists Guild of America” and attended the “Commercial Theatre Institute” (CTI) for Broadway producers in New York.


He has served as a judge at the State of Florida Thespian Society regional musical theatre festival for two consecutive years. Mark is a Publishing and Writing member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) and had his music used on the MTV television series "Made" and "My Super Sweet 16." Mark was also a member of the Theatre League of South Florida.


He started NAJM (No Attitude Just Music) Records Inc., an independent record label, in 2000. In addition he founded a hugely popular website dedicated to independent artist development (GlobalDance.com). NAJM released their debut single "Bee Sting Smile" in 2001, by U.K. group Sugarglider (with a remix by the Top 40 Duo Sunscreem), that quickly topped chart positions with DJ's across the nation. In 2011 NAJM Records released "Urban Textures" as well as several singles by the artist NAJM featuring Nelson C.

Mark is the composer, lyricist, and co-author of the MCHM musical "Ripper," and currently lives in Wellington, Florida where he continues to compose, write and produce music across many genres.




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