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MCHM Presents "Ripper"

West Palm Beach, Florida


Cats, Miss Saigon, and Phantom of the Opera all defined a period of Broadway history when the mega production spectacular was king of the Great White Way. Heralding in a new era of musicals, MCHM Productions have created an entirely original musical based on the Jack the Ripper mystery. "Ripper" is not just another show based on the 1888 serial killings; "Ripper" is a glorious tale of love withstanding the ravages of time, death, and judgment.


Although deeply routed in historical fact and context, MCHM's "Ripper" is a completely original story and is the product of writer Michael Carach (MC), and co-author, composer and lyricist Mark Hagan (HM). "We have gone beyond the expected and delivered a completely original side story to the Jack the Ripper slayings" said Carach. "Our "Ripper" transcends the historical facts, and produces a culmination of emotion, oppression, and the tension of societal class structure. The show is not only powerful and entertaining but also socially poignant."

"We created a show to get excited about on a international level," said Carach "and that hasn't happened since Phantom."


Go to www.RipperMusical.com  to hear audio samples of the show!



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